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Special Training

Candidates who qualify for Special Basic Class 1 transition fall into one of two categories: 

•A former Class 1 certified officer in South Carolina who has not held a Class 1 certification for over one year and not more than three years. 

•An out-of-state officer holding police certification in another state deemed in good standing. 

SCCJA policy states that out-of-state officers must be currently certifiable in the state of South Carolina or not have a break in service of more than three years. In all cases, each candidate’s records must be presented to SCCJA for review. If the candidate is eligible for Special Basic Class 1 the candidate will be required to complete Special Basic Online Videos at the Agency and then be presented for a cumulative exam. Upon passing the cumulative exam they will have to pass a Firearms Proficiency and then a Driving Proficiency. To request a training review to attend the Special Basic Class 1 program and for required forms go to the Out-Of-State Transfer section of the Forms page

If you have questions please contact Registration at (803) 896-7836.