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The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy’s Certification and Compliance Unit interprets and enforces the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Act and Regulations governing South Carolina certified officers which includes:

  •  issuance of law enforcement certifications;
  • employment tracking and monitoring the employment history (hires/separations) for 16000 plus South Carolina officers;
  • ensures an ongoing certification renewal process for South Carolina law enforcement officers.


This unit also tracks all law enforcement mandated training updating officer records with   

  • Mandatory Retraining Notifications (MRNs);
  • decertification processing;
  • training reviews for previously certified officers and officers transferring from other states;
  • certifies basic law enforcement students applying for GI Bill education benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs;
  • issues certification letters to all law enforcement agencies hiring new officers;
  • follow-up/requesting separations on officers separating from agencies;
  • processes military extensions on certified officers called to active military duty;
  • processes request for official student transcripts for college credit;
  • processes subpoenas for court and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request;
  • processes pre-employment requests from law enforcement agencies hiring previously certified officers;
  •  and works closely with the Standards Unit to ensure that certification policies and guidelines are met for Reserve Officers.


Contact: Certification and Compliance Unit, (803) 896 - 7802