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The Standards Unit provides a mechanism for the validation and evaluation of instructional content at all levels of Academy training operations. The Unit is responsible for approving departmental lesson plans and institutional provider training, as well as the oversight of the K9, reserve, and equivalency processes.

How do I get my departmental lesson plan approved?

Fill out the Departmental LP Cover Sheet and Approval Form on the Forms tab (fillable; submit to email listed at the top of the form).

How do I submit an Institutional Provider application?

Fill out the Institutional Provider Application for Course Approval online application found in the Forms tab. Calculate the total hours of training based on your schedule; do not include lunch time in the calculation.

How do I submit an instructor equivalency request?
First, check the CJA catalog to ensure the hours/curriculum are comparable. Equivalencies only given for certification classes (BID, SSI, FIS, Patrol Rifle Instructor). Email a letter on letterhead signed by agency head (or TO if that is not same person). Include (1) name and Academy ID of officer, (2) equivalency being requested (3) name of course taken that’s equivalent. Also include certificate from course and other relevant course information (curriculum, number of hours, etc.). Submit to Lauren Fennell at

Lesson Plan Approvals

The two-page Departmental Lesson Plan Cover Sheet and Approval Form (link found on the Forms tab) is the only document turned into the Academy. The actual lesson plan and any accompanying materials are to remain at the agency after acquiring all the necessary signatures and approvals within the department. Lesson plan approvals are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of approval. All departmental lesson plan review and approval notification forms are assigned a lesson plan number, signed, dated, and are returned to the department typically via email. Academy approval of a lesson plan will be limited to subject matter content for law enforcement re-certification credit only; it will not extend to the validity or accuracy of the content. When the approval notification from the Academy is received by the department, the assigned lesson plan number will be clearly indicated. 

The Academy will verify instructor certifications before lesson plan approval is granted. The ‘author’ should have the Academy’s Basic Instructor Development certification; the ‘instructor’ should have the Academy’s Specific Skills Instructor certification, at minimum. Additionally, if the ‘instructor’ is teaching a course that requires a specific skill (ex. Firearms, DT, patrol rifle), the instructor must also possess that certification course.

All lesson plan submissions must:

  • have properly constructed performance objectives that are clearly stated;
  • have training content that satisfies each performance objective;
  • provide the typed name of the author(s), instructor(s), legal representative and agency head along with signatures;
  • lesson plans must be maintained by the departmental training office, and are subject to appropriate training audits and FOIA requests.


Re-Approval of Departmental Lesson Plans

To receive continuing approval for a lesson plan, the submitting department must provide an updated approval form and with the lesson plan number every two years after initial approval.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the lesson plan being removed from the listing and having its approval withdrawn.


Institutional Provider Approval Process

Institutional training providers are characterized by:

  • sources of training approval requests who have a national and/or international training reputation in the delivery of quality training to criminal justice agencies and provide such training on a fee basis. (Example: Calibre Press, National Law Enforcement Institute, Heisler and Associates, Inc.)
  • sources of Federal training approval requests whose occupational and organizational responsibilities may impact directly on the daily duties of a city, county or state law enforcement agency. (Example: F.B.I., D.E.A., U.S. Department of Justice)
  • sources of training approval requests whose function is to provide workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. on a national basis to members of a national law enforcement or related criminal justice association. (Example: International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), National Sheriff's Association, American Correctional Association)

Documentation required for course review:

  • Performance objectives/learning goals
  • Training outline
  • Instructor credentials to include professional and educational background
  • Training schedule that provides breakdown of instructional contract hours (credit is not given for lunch, breaks, or lunch speakers)

 A promotional brochure may be attached provided it includes the above information. 

NOTE: Any training source can apply for institutional provider status. The source must submit an application showing a proven "track record" in the delivery of quality law enforcement training.

The Institutional Provider application is submitted electronically and can be found on the Forms tab.