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The Academic Testing Unit is responsible for developing and administering academic examinations to all Academy candidates. The unit maintains a test bank comprised of approved test questions for all mandated programs, as well as advanced/specialized courses. Test questions have been vetted; the unit does not accept test question challenges.

My new officer has a learning disability and needs accommodations. Where do I start?

Have THE OFFICER fill out the Application for Special Test Accommodations found on the Forms tab. This form should be submitted 15 days prior to training. Disability should be documented and signed by a doctor.

Block Testing for Basic Law Enforcement

Basic Law Enforcement students attending the first four weeks of training online are required to pass all four tests prior to registering for the cumulative (onsite) exam. Students who fail a block test (score lower than 70%) will be re-assigned the block test five business days from the date of failure. There is no Academy designated limit to the number of times a student can re-take a block test; the hiring agency determines the limit.

Field Testing

All field testing by an agency must be approved and scheduled through Registration/ACADIS.

Once the course is approved and scheduled, the agency will need to provide the following information: the Academy certified primary instructor, Academy certified secondary instructor, name of proctor, contact phone number for the instructors, date of course, and number of participants. The Acadis platform is used for all testing; no paper tests will be sent. There are strict proctoring guidelines for field tests; proctors cannot be part of the instructional team. All proctors/instructors should read the required documentation by the end of the first day of instruction.

Testing Accommodations

Any student requesting accommodations for any written test must complete the Application for Written Test Accommodations. Students should submit the electronic application at least 15 days prior to attending any training. A section of the application must be completed by a qualified professional appropriate for evaluating the disability and be supported by documentation certifying the disability.

 Physical Ability Test