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Freedom of Information Act

The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (“CJA”) complies with requirements of the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Under provisions of the FOIA, CJA has 10 business days (or 20 business days for requests for records over two years old) in which to inform you of the availability of non-exempt publically available documents specific to your request and to arrange a mutually suitable date and time for document review and/or providing publically available documents.

CJA follows the definitions, procedures and exemptions listed in the Freedom of Information Act. Additionally, there may be other state and federal restrictions which may apply to records requested from CJA. We abide by all laws and regulations protective of certain information.

In accordance with the South Carolina Family Privacy Protection Act, South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 30-2-10, et seq., the information provided must not be used to contact any person directly for the purpose of commercial solicitation.


Making A FOIA Request

When making a request for publically available documents, please state that the document you are seeking is being requested under provisions of the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Be as specific as possible about the information being sought. The FOIA Order Form is available to assist with your request.



You may submit your FOI request by mail:

Lewis J. Swindler, Director
South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
5400 Broad River Road
Columbia, South Carolina 29212


All requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act, to include Subpoenas, for documents, should be submitted in writing.

Request Rates

CJA charges reasonable costs for providing documents. Fees will be assessed uniformly. Any reduction or waiver in fees must be approved in advance by the Director of CJA. A deposit of up to 25 percent of the anticipated cost may be assessed prior to processing a request.

                   Scanning/Redaction Fee                         $20 per hour

                   Archival Retrieval Fee                             $25 per box

                   CD/DVD Fee                                             $5 per disk

                   Printed Copies                                         $.15 per page

                   Certified Training History Report         $15

                   Miscellaneous Manuals                          $35

                   Basic LE Manual Set                                $75

                   Copy of Basic LE Curriculum                  $9