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Where South Carolina Law Enforcement is Defined

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Academic Testing Unit

The Academic Testing Unit is responsible for developing and administering academic examinations to all Academy candidates. The unit maintains a test bank comprised of approved test questions for all mandated programs, as well as, advanced / specialized courses.

Testing Accomodations

Effective August 9, 2012, any student requesting accommodations for any written test must complete the Application for Written Test Accommodations. Students should submit the application to the attention of the Academic Testing Unit Manager at least 30 days prior to attending any training. Part II of the application must be completed by a qualified professional appropriate for evaluating the disability and be supported by documentation certifying the disability.

Field Testing

All field testing by an agency must be approved and scheduled through:

                         Kelly Snider, Traffic Safety Assistant

The field agency must provide a three week notice when making the request. Upon verification of involved course instructor(s), the Advanced Training Coordinator will submit a request via email for test materials.

The agency will need to provide the following information: the Academy accredited primary instructor, Academy accredited secondary instructor, contact phone number for the involved instructors, date of course, number of participants and a departmental address where the testing packet can be mailed and delivered to the primary instructor.

The Academic Testing Unit will make the determination as to delivery / pickup of the test materials.

Donald Noe, Program Coordinator 803-896-7956
Katherine Boyes, Program Assistant 803-896-7885
Craig Ivery, Program Assistant 803-896-7723
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