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Where South Carolina Law Enforcement is Defined

traffic stop training
BLE in formation
BD handcuff training
Student in DMT training
driving training
firearms training
BD graduation
Salute at graduation

Release of Information:

The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 30-4-10 through 30-4-165 can be found here.

In accordance with the South Carolina Family Privacy Protection Act, South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 30-2-10, et seq., the information provided must not be used to contact any person directly for the purpose of commercial solicitation.

How To Make A FOIA Request:

Please use this form and provide as much detail as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the Director's office at (803) 896 - 7779.

Please do not contact our instructional staff directly. This is so that we may track all requests and ensure you receive accurate information in response. All responses to requests must be approved by the Academy's Director and any response not approved by the Director is not an official response by the Academy. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation with this process.

All requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act, to include Subpoenas, for documents, should be submitted in writing, and addressed to:
Lewis J. Swindler, Director
South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
5400 Broad River Road
Columbia, South Carolina 29212

Fee Schedule: For Speed Measurement Device Manuals: For DUI-SFST Manuals:
Training History Report
Basic LE Manual
Miscellaneous Manuals
Copy of Basic LE Curriculum
Certification Docs/ Records
$0.50 for each page
Teleclass/ Telecourse DVD-$15 each
VHS-$25/ hour of program
Student Manuals

Instructor Manuals

Enforcement of Justice Division
Larry Hill
Student Manuals
#PB 2009 103453

Instructor Manuals
#PB 2009 103452

or 1-703-605-6000