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traffic stop training
BLE in formation
BD handcuff training
Student in DMT training
driving training
firearms training
BD graduation
Salute at graduation
I assume responsibility for the confidentiality of my department's certification and training records. Any misuse of the confidential records of my department's training and certification records, as maintained by the Certification/Compliance Unit of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy may warrant an investigation by the Department.
SCCJA has now moved to its new online training portal, ACADIS. To begin using the new portal:

1. Visit the ACADIS Portal website.
2. Click "Don't have an account? Signup" below "Sign In"
3. Fill out the appropriate information, then click "Finish"
4. Go to your email and find the message sent to complete your signup request.
5. Click on the URL in the email and complete the security questions required for completion of the account setup.
6. Click "Continue" and if all questions were answered correctly, you should be able to accept the terms of use and create an account password. (If you are not directed to this screen, you need the Training Transcript from ACADIS and should check with your Training Officer.)
7. Once you're finished creating a password, you should click "Submit" and continue to edit your profile.

Note: Your username will be the email address you entered into the system. (New officers this is entered at Registration) If you forget your password, there is a button to ask for a new password upon attempted login. The ACADIS system will email a temporary password to the address on file, copy and paste that password in order to enter twice for successful login.

For complete account setup directions, click here.
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Note: Officers need to talk directly with their Training Officers at their agencies and not call the CJA Certification Department concerning ACADIS/Academy ID #'s or discrepancies in their training files.
ACADIS Account and Technical Issues
Mark Thomas    (803)896-7739

LMS Course Registration and Viewing Issues
Hal Volin  (803)896-7846
Monica Yarborough  (803)896-7729

SFST Recertification Issues
Michael Brantley   (803)896-7791

DataMaster DMT Recertification Issues
Taylor Barber   (803)896-7737

RADAR/LIDAR/SMD Recertification Issues
Christopher Kendall  (803)896-7926

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